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On an apprenticeship you're employed to do a real job while studying for a formal qualification - usually for one day a week either at a further education (FE) college, university or training centre.

By the end of your apprenticeship, you'll hopefully have gained the skills and knowledge needed to either succeed in your chosen career or progress to the next apprenticeship level.

What you'll learn depends on the role you're training for. However, all apprentices follow an approved study programme, which means you'll gain a nationally recognised qualification at the end of your apprenticeship.


Apprenticeships combine practical training in a job with study.

As an apprentice you’ll:

  • be an employee earning a wage and getting holiday pay
  • work alongside experienced staff
  • gain job-specific skills
  • get time for training and study related to your role (at least 20% of your normal working hours)

Apprenticeships take 1 to 5 years to complete depending on their level.

Levels of apprenticeship


Apprenticeships have equivalent educational levels.


Some apprenticeships may also give you an additional qualification, such as a diploma.


Who can start an apprenticeship

To start an apprenticeship, you’ll need to be:

  • 16 or over
  • living in England
  • not in full-time education

You can apply for an apprenticeship while you’re still at school but you’ll need to be 16 or over by the end of the summer holidays to start the apprenticeship.


How do I get started?

You can find apprenticeships at any level, from GCSE to A level equivalents, to being part of a uni degree course. There are degree apprenticeships that combine uni study and work, where at the end you earn a Bachelor’s or Master’s, and there are apprenticeships where you gain the skills through working life and your career.









Careers Lead

For further information about apprenticeships please Mrs Peach



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