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Media Studies - Key Stage 5

We offer 2 A-Level courses - Film Studies and Media Studies. More details on both of these courses can be found in our Sixth Form Course Guide


Film Studies

The Film Studies course aims to equip students with the ability to explore and understand the power and fascination of Film as a medium through detailed analysis of a wide range of texts. Films analysed will be old and new, local and global, popular and sometimes unknown.


Each unit will introduce students to the conceptual tools and critical questions that film scholars have asked and are asking about the nature, function and value of film. Students will be introduced to films of seminal importance that will challenge, complicate and broaden their understanding of what film is and can be.

It also aims to enable learners to:


  • Apply critical approaches to film
  • Apply knowledge and understanding of film through either filmmaking or screenwriting


Media Studies

The Eduqas Media Studies course aims to equip students with a range of skills to empower them as consumers, critics and creators of media texts. Knowledge of the media is increasingly valued and is an important aspect of so many careers in our information society. This qualification will be of value to candidates entering employment across a range of industries, professions or university courses.


Understanding of how to deconstruct media texts, using relevant and comprehensive theoretical frameworks, within both a modern and historical context, will focus on these four key concepts:


  • Media Forms (including media language, narrative and genre)
  • Representation
  • Audience
  • Institutions

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