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Moulsham High School - Careers Rationale 2023/4


Moulsham High School is committed to providing high quality careers education, information, advice and guidance, which helps students plan and manage their progression through learning, key transition points and work. 

Our careers education and advice promotes equal opportunity for all.

This is supported by a clear education process ensuring that guidance is effective and relevant.

  • Careers advice is integrated into the curriculum, and a key focus for this year is to make increasingly clear through lessons and topics, key transferable skills that align with or could contribute to particular careers and or specific roles/areas.
  • We continue to use and build upon extra-curricular opportunities and external partnership links to support and indeed, enhance the range of opportunity and access that students have, to engaging and relevant careers advice.
  • We will develop further our use of student and parent/carer voice to review and improve further our provision and opportunities.54 National vacancies available!



Careers Lead

For further information about careers please contact our Careers Lead

Students should now be starting to think about their next steps after Year 11. It is a requirement for all students to stay in a form of education or learning until they are 18. The options are:

• stay in full-time education, for example at Moulsham Sixth Form

• start an apprenticeship or traineeship

• spend 20 hours or more a week working or volunteering, while in part-time education or training


Please see more information via the government link below.


Further information and advice can be found at:


All students should have at least one offer of learning for September 2024, by the time they leave school. It is highly recommended for students to have at least one backup option in place, whether they are applying for Sixth Forms, Colleges or Apprenticeships.  


Students hoping to gain an apprenticeship can register for alerts for new apprenticeship vacancies at . Vacancies can also be advertised on employers’ own websites and with apprenticeship providers/colleges.

Careers and Higher Education


By the time our students leave Moulsham Sixth Form every student will have benefitted from the following experiences:

  • Attended weekly year 12 sessions on higher education, gap years, student finance, Apprenticeships etc. along with weekly 'Cultural Capital' sessions delivered by external expert speakers on a variety of topics
  • Been guided through the UCAS application process and made an application through UCAS, if they intend to go to university
  • Had the opportunity to attend the UCAS Education Convention and individual university and college open days
  • Had the opportunity to attend Apprenticeship and Skills events.
  • Had the opportunity to seek advice and guidance from the school’s careers advisor for support with university and college applications and alternative options such as apprenticeships, seeking employment, voluntary work, taking a gap year etc
  • Work experience - Our students will have the opportunity to undertake a minimum of one week’s work experience with a company of their choice, during their two years of Sixth Form study. Students will be responsible for arranging the placement, with support from family, friends and the school
  • Trial interviews - Students will have benefitted from mock interview sessions with a member of our Senior Leadership Team

Careerometer: A tool to compare jobs

Explore and compare key information about occupations to help identify potential careers.

The Careerometer provides access to a selection of headline data relating to pay, weekly hours of work and future employment prospects.


Click on the squared box,  simply type in the title of the job you are interested in and the Careerometer provides a series of options from which you can select the most relevant to you. 





We would like to offer our students (16+) to have access to the Financial Times. Reading this broadsheet publication on a regular basis is highly beneficial. In particular, the secondary schools section has targeted articles and questions pre-set for the following subjects:

  • Geography

  • Business

  • Politics

  • Economics

The school have arranged access on our students behalf. 



Contact Mr Punter to subscribe:








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April 2024

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