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Subject Leader (Art and Design) - Ms L Beadle 

Art - Introduction

Whether they are digitally manipulating images on the computer or getting the feel of textiles for clay, students use Art & Design to look afresh at the world around them. Experimenting with colours, materials, textures and patterns or trying out new processes helps them communicate, feel and imagine. They study different sorts of artwork from murals to sculptures and discover how images can tell stories or express ideas. They learn how art, craft and design enrich our lives and can lead to many kinds of interesting and creative jobs.

Students are taught to:

  • Explore and develop ideas drawn from their imagination and experience, from their own observations and from the material they have collected in their sketchbook.
  • Develop ideas to suit different audiences and purposes.
  • Draw on an expanded range of materials, tools, techniques and processes, mixing and adapting them to achieve effects. 
  • Review their own and others’ work, saying what they think and feel about it, and use critical feedback to develop their work further.
  • Look at art, craft and design in different times in Western Europe and the wider world. They begin to think about the ways in which audiences and art work combine to change each other.
  • Students learn on their own and through working with others, using a range of starting points such as their own experiences, natural and manmade materials and objects and the local environment.

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