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Moulsham High School

Computer Science - Key Stage 3

Year 7

  • Introduction to Computer Science at MHS
  • Computer Hardware and Networking – how computers are built and connected to each other
  • Binary – how data is handled inside a computer
  • BBC Cyber Security – Safety in an Online World
  • Scratch programming – create a range of applications with block based programming


Year 8

  • Flowol - algorithms for controlling real world situations
  • Small Basic - an introduction to text based programming and the Basic environment
  • Creating a website using HTML and CSS, using Notepad++ software and evaluating output in a range of browsers
  • Beginners Python – programming in Python from the beginning. This is another text based language that students will study for the rest of their MHS careers
  • Spreadsheets and Database principles – managing a dataset using a range of spreadsheet and database functions


Year 9

  • Further Python – extending Python skills including loops 
  • Further Binary – deepening binary knowledge, understanding and skills including GCSE content such as RGB and hex
  • Bitmap and Vector graphics using Photoshop
  • Boolean Logic – Circuit diagrams and truth tables using AND OR and NOT logic gates
  • Cyber Security - revision of a range of e-safety issues and additional cyber security issues such as protection against malware, legal considerations and network security 

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