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Writing your personal statement when applying for Business and Economics

You’ve decided that Business & Economics is the course for you, you have managed to whittle down your choices to your top five and are in the process of writing your UCAS application. Probably the most important part of your application is your personal statement. You are introducing yourself to the people that may be teaching you for the next step in your education, therefore you need to show them the best parts of yourself and your seriousness about the course. This is due to the fact that the university will assess whether your personal statement is applicable to the particular course that you have applied for.


What do you need to achieve in your personal statement?

  • You need to show the universities that you are serious about studying the course.
  • Make sure you have researched the options that are available to you and the degree course as well as your future career.
  • Explain how you are suitable for the course.
  • Show that you are a well-rounded individual that will be able to contribute to university life.


What should the structure be?

Why have you chosen this course?


  • Illustrate what got you first interested in Business & Economics, i.e. article in a newspaper, feature on the news, personal experience such as work experience or a family business.
  • Offer them information on your future career plans.
  • Provide a combination of interests and academic skills.


How have you investigated the course suitability for you?


  • Researched books, looked through websites and periodicals.
  • Work experience that you have gained.
  • Lectures that you attended on Business & Economics courses.
  • The skills you have gained from your A-Levels.


What makes you stand out from the other applicants?


  • Present your academic achievements such as, prizes, certificates and awards.
  • Describe some of your extracurricular activities.
  • Inform them of the work experience you have gained and what you learned from the placement.
  • If you have any responsibilities, such as; captain of a sports team, house prefect, any voluntary work.
  • With business & economics, you will be expected to work as part of a group so give evidence of teamwork that you have been involved in.


Is there any other information that you feel is necessary?


  • You need to let the universities know whether you are planning on taking a gap year.
  • You should also inform the universities of any personal circumstances, such as having to look after a family member.


The 7 Rules for a Successful Application


  1. Make sure you research the course content.
  2. Know the entrance requirements for each university you are applying for.
  3. Find out your grade predictions.
  4. Check over your personal statement, ensuring that it has a focus on the Business & Economics course.
  5. Include enough detail in your personal statement so that you will stand out.
  6. Give examples and evidence to all the points that you have made in your statement.
  7. Remember, there is a character count for you personal statement so don’t use complicated language.


Content generously provided by Trotman.

Content from Getting into Business and Economics Courses, 9781912943029.

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