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Breast Ironing

Breast Ironing 

Breast ironing is abuse and it’s wrong, even if you’re told it’s for your protection. You don’t have to go through this experience alone – we’re here for you.

Breast flattening is when a girl’s breasts are flattened to slow down or stop them growing - sometimes using a hot object or with elastic binders. Learn more.

Abuse, like breast flattening (sometimes called breast ironing), is never your fault. You might feel confused and upset by what’s happening – especially if it’s being done to you by a family member or someone you love.

You can talk to Childline any time - we are always here for you. It can be scary to tell us about what’s happening, but we are here to support you and get you the help that you need. You can also try talking to a safe adult such as a teacher and telling them what is happening.

If you need medical help or advice you can always call the NHS on 111. Childline has advice about visiting your doctor and how to ask them for help. You can find more information about breast flattening on the National FGM Centre's website.

Call 999 if you ever feel in danger or need urgent medical treatment.

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