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Science - KS4

Science is a core subject of the national curriculum. It counts highly towards the new Progress 8 score for all students.


The compulsory element for all students is the new combined science (double award) or there is the option for a student to take the three separate science subjects (biology, chemistry and physics (triple award).


Science courses have undergone considerable change nationally to bring them up to date. Whatever you want to do post-GCSE, the AQA's science specifications are designed so that all students, regardless of ability, gain a good grounding in science.


Triple science, in particular, offers excellent preparation for A-level and further study.



All students will study the combined science double award. Students will gain a double GCSE grade from this qualification. The award is split into the three sciences and in almost all cases students will have three subject specialist teachers, delivering the biology, chemistry and physics components.



Choose this option if you wish to gain separate GCSE grades in the three areas of science – biology, chemistry and physics. This option is for students who specifically enjoy science and/or those wishing to take the study of science to A-level and beyond. To complete a separate GCSE in biology, chemistry or physics students must complete all units in that subject.



Practical work still has a huge focus for all the new GCSE specifications. The GCSE combined science and triple science courses, therefore, will not have an internal practical assessment. All courses now have a set of practicals to complete throughout the two-year course. These will be assessed as questions within the written papers.


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