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Computer Science - Key Stage 5

A Level Computer Science

OCR - H446

Entry requirements - Minimum Grade 6 GCSE Computer Science

*Please note we do not offer an AS qualification in this subject, it is a full linear course only. 


The aims of OCR A Level Computer Science

•Apply the fundamental principles and concepts of computer science, including: abstraction, decomposition, logic, algorithms and data representation

•Analyse and solve problems in computational terms through, including writing programs

•Think creatively, innovatively, analytically, logically and critically

•Establish relationships between different aspects of computer science

•Mathematical skills.

•Explain the moral, ethical, legal, risks and cultural factors associated with computer science


How is the course structured?

•2 exams, written, 2.5 hours, no calculator (40% each)

•1 programming project (20%)


The combined marks for the two exams and programming project determine your final grade.


What will I study in each of the exams and coursework?

Exam 1:  Computer Systems (40%)

1.1 The characteristics of contemporary processors, input, output and storage devices

1.2 Software and software development

1.3 Exchanging data

1.4 Data types, data structures and algorithms

1.5 Legal, moral, cultural and ethical issues


Exam 2: Algorithms and programming (40%)

2.1 Elements of computational thinking

2.2 Problem solving and programming

2.3 Algorithms


Non-Examined Assessment—Programming project  (20%)

Analysis of the problem you will code a solution to—(10 marks)

Design of the solution—(15 marks)

Developing the solution—(25 marks), of which:

•Iterative development of a coded solution (15 marks)

•Testing to inform development (10 marks)   

Evaluation—(20 marks), of which

•Testing to inform evaluation (5 marks)

•Evaluation of solution (15 marks)


What qualification can I get?

· Your grade will be rated A* to U.

· A* is the highest grade you can achieve.

· E is the lowest passing grade you can achieve

· U grade is assigned if the student does not pass the course.


Entry Requirements:

· You will need a Grade 6 or better in GCSE Computer Science


Choosing a Computer Science qualification for Year 12 is right for you if:

· You love technology and are fascinated by  it

· You cope well under pressure, especially in exam situations.

· You have a good standard of English, Maths and Science.

· You want a career working with computers

· You are patient and like problem solving

· You are prepared to put in significant time at home, developing and consolidating your own knowledge, skills and understanding.


Why choose a Computer Science option?:

· Almost every job requires using a computer at some stage.

· It demonstrates thinking and analytical skills.

· Show you can use a computer to help solve work based problems.

· Helps you to produce professional documents

· Shows your clients and customers that you are professional, modern and up to date with evolving technology.

· It’s fun!!

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