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Meet The Student Leadership Team

Meet the Student Leadership Team

Hello everyone! We are the Head Students for 2022-23, Hana and Harvey. As the Heads of the Student Leadership Team, we are committed to making your high school experience the best that it can be.

Our SLT team is made up of over 50 students, working in 10 different teams including: mental health, charity, environment, houses, student council, media, peer support, sports, equality and reading. Each team is composed of a team leader and at least 4 ambassadors, specially selected to fulfil their roles.

As well as each team having their own personal aims/visions for the year, our main aims for the school as a whole are:

  • To increase enrichment opportunities for all year groups
  • To focus on increasing peer support across the school, ensuring that all students are enjoying their time at Moulsham
  • To create a more inclusive school environment, with positivity surrounding all aspects of student life

The SLT are not only committed to improving life inside of school, but also having a

far-reaching impact on the wider community. One way we will do this is through fundraising, wherever possible, for various charities, such as the Curve Foundation who are partnered with the school in bringing brilliant mental health support to students and the traditional fundraiser events for Thriftwood.

We are also passionate about holding regular meetings with the student council representatives from each form; this allows us to amplify the student voice, ensuring that all pupils feel valued and represented at school.

We plan to revitalise the house system by creating various events and competitions that will happen throughout the year. Whether its sports, reading or anything in between, you will have the opportunity to win points for your house outside of lessons.

We are really looking forward to the new year and are excited to make lots of positive changes to both the school and student life.

Hana & Harvey



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