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Meet The Student Leadership Team

Meet the Student Leadership Team

Hello everybody! We are the Head Students for 2023-24, Heidi and Will. During our time as Head Students, we will strive to achieve the most for the school and the pupils in Moulsham High School. We are honoured to be given this prestigious role, and with this power we will create long lasting change at Moulsham.

We are really excited about our new Student Leadership Team; it is full of dedicated, passionate individuals who aspire to improve specific areas of the school, leading on to our specific leadership teams:

  • Equality

  • Environment

  • Charity

  • Mental Health

  • Reading

  • Peer Support

  • Head of Houses

  • Student Council

  • Media

For example, our equality group will focus on improving and educating pupils on different cultures and raising awareness for the LGBTQIA+ community. Whereas environment will solely focus on improving green spaces, running the environment club and fundraising to improve the world we live in.

We are also thrilled to announce the new role coming to Moulsham, the Moulsham ambassador, Rory A. Rory will support us in our day-to-day tasks, lead tours and assist us in running events in order to achieve maximum success.


As Head students, we believe that it is vital to have specific aims for each group, but also our own personal aims which hold significant importance to us. Our main three aims are to firstly build stronger relationships with younger and older years using the Made4More scheme. This can bridge the gap between students and create a more inclusive school society which can benefit all pupils and ensure that the overall school wellbeing is fulfilled. We also aspire to Improve transition periods for those going into GCSES and A-levels, to help reduce anxiety and ensure that the overall process is as smooth as possible. This can contribute to academic success and create a more positive school experience, especially at the start of Sixth Form which can be a daunting time for some. Finally, we want to create a whole school voice, to ensure that any concerns raised are addressed and changes are made around the school to meet the needs of students.

We believe that it is critical that we achieve these aims as not only will it help to contribute towards better academic success, but it will also create a more positive and vibrant school community.

We are highly excited for the new academic year, and we are confident that we will make positive changes around the school to improve both the school and the overall student experience.

Heidi and Will


Head Students 

Will S            Heidi R 


Deputy Head Students

Callum R       Ruby B


Moulsham Ambassador

Rory A


Student Council

Lead - Issy W        Dylan Y

Year 11/6th Form         Issy W        Dylan Y

Year 10           Emily W

Year 9             Theo M

Year 8             Niamh F

Year 7             Sophia W 


Heads of House

Lead - Ellie M          Jack R 

Tindall - Ellie M

Strutt - Samar A

Marconi - Salima

Knight - Fatima Z

Crompton  - Jack R 


Mental Health

Lead - Beatrice

Fin W

George W

Deputy Head Students to support


Peer Mentoring

Lead - Adil

Rosa C

Brandon M

Karen K

Ella R



Lead - Aster


Kiki W

Chloe W

Jo S



Lead - Oishi M

Collette C

Alannah G



Lead -  Leo S

Thomas W



Lead - Ruby W      Oscar H

Molly C

Hugo W

Lily R

Chloe T



Lead - Elijah S

Aimee B 






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