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Back in October, our year 10 Business Studies students took part in a new product competition with Krispy Kreme. The students submitted 5 business ideas. We have now received the following feedback from Krispy Kreme, as well as the promise of a tray of their delicious doughnuts for the class in the new year!

"Mr Punter, your class have put forward some amazing ideas and I can see that they have all worked incredibly hard on this project. 
If I was to choose I would have to say that it is a tie between the Halloween Doughnut Collection and Cinnamon Flavoured Ring. 
I would love to set up a complimentary order for your class to say thank you for the amazing work that they have done. Please let me know what date you would like to receive this along with your postal address and I will get this set up for you! 
Have a lovely day

Cancer Research Ribbons
HD & WW, I really commend your want to raise both funds and awareness for cancer charities. I can see that this has been well thought out and would resonate a lot with many of our customers. Your idea of having different colours for different awarenesses is great but I feel that logistically this would not be a very viable option. Our Factories are incredibly busy and so this means that we can only have one 'feature' dozen at a time. Usually, a feature dozen contains 2-3 speciality flavours which are produced for a limited time. Recently we had our decadent dozen, before that Toffee Crisp and now Christmas. Macmillan Coffee Morning is always a big event for us, we see a surge in fundraising orders for people wishing to take part in their cake sales. I think that your brilliant idea could be streamlined to fit with the Macmillan Coffee mornings so that instead of focusing on individual awarenesses we are focusing on cancer care as a whole. 
Custom Doughnuts 
WF, this is a great idea and is actually something that we already do. Last year we launched our Creations Kits, which contain 4 doughnuts, sprinkles, toppings, and icing. Our idea was that this would be an interactive thing for kids and families to do together over the lockdown. This item was actually the first-ever item we offered for home delivery and is one of our best selling products.  As this is already a product, what do you suggest we could do to give it a bit more magic?
Rich Tea 
It is obvious from your research that this flavour is something that people want to see. I can see that you have interviewed a lot of people and their answers have been the same. However, I feel that this flavour would be incredibly similar to our Lotus Biscoff flavour. Lotus Biscoff is one of our best selling single flavours so I feel that a Rich Tea flavour might not get the opportunity to shine if it was added as a regular. Instead, I think that this idea could be developed into a 'feature dozen; as mentioned earlier. We know that biscuit flavours are popular so we could do Lotus Biscoff, Rich Tea, maybe a Bourbons one and a Custard Cream? I think that could work. Great idea. 
Cinnamon Flavoured ring
I love this idea EM, I really do. I think that this flavour could be an understated yet delicious addition to the dozen. Krispy Kreme US has something similar, they have a Cinnamon Sugar doughnut, which is essentially a doughnut covered in cinnamon sugar (similar to a churro). I would love to see this added to the menu all year round. It would be a nice, low-calorie alternative to the Original Glazed. 
Halloween Doughnut Collection
Huge props to EB & EL for the thought that they have put into this. I am definitely hearing you out, pals. 
I think that the flavours that you have come up with are absolutely genius. In the past years, we focus more on the spooky side of Halloween whereas I feel that your flavours really encapsulate the feeling of autumn. I love the idea of a Pumpkin Spice Doughnut. So many other companies tackle pumpkin spice and are super successful so I think that it would be a great addition.  
I love the idea of a Caramel Apple doughnut. We used to have an Apple Crumble flavour and I think that this would be a great variation. When I think of Halloween food Caramel Apples are at the forefront of my mind. 
The only flavour that I think might not fly too well would be the Candy Corn flavour. Candy Corn is inherently American and is not something that we can easily source over here. I know a lot of people in the UK have not tried Candy Corn and are not familiar with the flavours so might not be as inclined to give it a try. 

Overall I think you are on to a really great set of thematic flavours"


Customer Care Advisor

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