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Macbeth Theatre Workshop

On 10th January, the wonderful Box Clever Theatre Company performed a sixty minute version of Macbeth, to the whole of Year 11, in the school auditorium, followed by a Q and A session and workshop, engaging students in the art of dramatic performance. While Macbeth is one of their key GCSE Literature texts, and therefore the workshop will have been useful in ensuring they know the plot and characters of the play, this experience was much more than being just about exams.

 The year group engaged with the experience marvellously. Not only was the performance dramatic and engaging, the students behaviour was impeccable and the Q and A and workshop that followed, showcased how important seeing and getting involved with dramatic performance is, for all students. They were great!

 Year 11 did themselves proud and there was a real ‘buzz’ afterwards and I have to say it was one the most enjoyable performances we have had at the school, in my many years at Moulsham. I know that for some students, this was their first taste of Shakespeare live on stage and I really do hope many of them go on to be inspired by what they saw, and to make   theatre going a part of their life in the future. Although the weather was “foul”, it was a very “fair” day at school, indeed and my thanks to Year 11 for being so fantastic.


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