Posts of Responsibility

Strategic Aim/SIP Area Link Executive/SLT Staff Named Governor Link
Progress and outcomes of disadvantaged students Chris Abrey Tracey Price
Progress and outcomes of SEND students Liam O’Leary Tracey Price
The progress of more able students/G&T Chris Abrey Karen Pugh
Progress 8: The progress of All students Julia Mead Jody Smith
CPD Good to Outstanding/Q T&L Alex Sullivan Nikki Dunn
HR/Recruitment Mark Farmer/Julia Mead Nikki Dunn
Budget Lisa Williams TBC
Assessment without levels (Curriculum) Julia Mead Keith Mogford
Attendance: In particular of FSM David Stevens Ian Bentley
Safeguarding/PREVENT/Disability/Racial Equality/British Values David Stevens Tracey Price
Behaviour for Learning/The New Pastoral structure David Stevens Bentley
Expansion/Estates strategy Mark Farmer Colin Kirkby
Pupil Premium Grant Chris Abre Tracey Price
Yr 11 Students Progress Gavin Muttock Keith Mogford
Numeracy Chris Abrey John Thompson
Literacy Liam O’Leary Colin Kirkby
Health and Safety Matt Kimber Karen Salmons
Boys Progress Liam O’leary Nikki Dunn
KS3 Development Louise Rhodes Jody Smith
Sixth Form Sinead Hughes Keith Mogford
Lettings Facilities Lisa Williams Mark Springett
Community Development/Moulsham Partnership David Stevens/Mark Farmer Mark Springett