Posts of Responsibility

Governors Posts of Responsibility 2019-20

Key Strategic Areas Nominated Governor

Academic Standards

  • KS3 (Years 7-9)
  • KS4 (Years 10/11)
  • KS5 (Years 12/13)


  • Kate Mills
  • Mrs T Price
  • Mrs S Easdown
Attendance Mrs T Price/ Mrs L Pearce
Community Engagement TBA
Careers Education Mr L Hatwell
Drugs Education Mrs K Mills
English Mrs K Mills
Maths Mr P Kitson
Parent Forum Mrs A Brider-Thomas/ Mrs T Price
Pupil Premium Mr L Hatwell
Safeguarding/ Child Protection Mrs T Price/ Mrs L Pearce
School Improvement Mrs T Price
SEND Mrs A Brider-Thomas
Sixth Form Mrs S Easdown
Staff Wellbeing Mrs K Mills
Student Voice Mrs T Price