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  • JOB PROFILE: Hairdresser/Barber

    JOB PROFILE: Hairdresser/Barber
    5th March 2019

    Hairdressers shampoo, cut and style clients’ hair to a range of modern or classic looks. You could also provide dry or wet shaves to male clients. Read More

  • JOB PROFILE: Florist

    JOB PROFILE: Florist
    26th February 2019

    Florists combine creativity with knowledge of plants and flowers to design and create floral displays that are then sold in shops and/or on market stalls. Read More

  • JOB PROFILE: Meteorologist

    JOB PROFILE: Meteorologist
    12th February 2019

    Meteorologists use information gained from observing the sky, the atmosphere and natural phenomena to give a picture of everyday weather conditions. Read More

  • JOB PROFILE: Firefighter

    JOB PROFILE: Firefighter
    5th February 2019

    You will be dealing with a range of emergencies, not only fires but also helping at other incidents such as rescuing trapped animals and people, handling chemical spillages and assisting at road, rail or air crash scenes. Read More

  • JOB PROFILE: Social Worker

    JOB PROFILE: Social Worker
    29th January 2019

    Your goal is to support people to live independently. This might involve helping families to stay together, protecting vulnerable people or helping the excluded to be a part of their community. Read More