Years 11 & 13 Awards 2018

On Thursday 28th June, we held our annual School Awards Evening for our year 11 and 13 students, highlighting those who had gone the extra mile to complete their goals.

Mr M Farmer, Executive Headteacher, opened the evening by comparing the ambition of potential of students with a Rubik’s Cube – explaining that the puzzle is symbolic of students’ ability to strive and reach their full potential.

Year 13 Award Winners

Name Award Explanation.
Liberty Escott The Livingstone Prize for Geography

Liberty is a most worthy recipient of The Livingstone Prize for Geography. She has, over the last two years, demonstrated an impressive commitment to her study of Geography. She is an extremely dedicated student who has always continued to pursue her studies away from the classroom.  Liberty has built up an excellent knowledge of the subject which has been reflected in both her written and oral contributions.

Liberty has been a pleasure to teach and we wish her well as she embarks upon her next educational journey at university.

Ellis Lucas The Tony Wells Prize for History

A unanimous decision across the History department, Ellis has been a consistent example of dedication and application. Ellis has displayed a determination to achieve the highest possible grade through her diligence and commitment.  Whilst setting an example through her faultless attitude in class, Ellis has also illustrated the traits of a model student outside of the classroom. Every morning and afternoon, Ellis has remained in Upper Humanities completing notes, quietly reading, or planning and writing essays. It was also a credit to Ellis that she represented the school through taking part in the ‘Lessons from Auschwitz’ trip. A truly well-deserved award for an outstanding student.

Sam Bennett The Andrew Motion Prize for English

An outstanding, exceptional student, with a determined work ethic rarely seen in anyone, student and adult alike.  Sam’s writing is highly sophisticated yet his humble nature means he is still responsive to constructive criticism and self-reflection.

Sam has shown himself to have a mature, autonomous approach to learning that has meant he has become a role-model to others in the group.

He has been a pleasure and privilege to teach.

Niamh Butler The Aquinas Prize for Philosophy, Religion and Ethics

A superb daily commitment to the complex conceptual A Level course,  Niamh has repeatedly demonstrated resilience in her approach in making sense of existentialism and through disciplined methodology can still make her essays sophisticated and yet accessible.

Her work ethic is admirable and is deserving of the highest possible grade.  Teaching Niamh has been a pleasure that has amplified over the two years as her confidence grew as did her natural flair for this subject. She is able to support and yet challenge other students to bring out the best in all.  She also has an interesting subtle yet mature approach in making nuanced links between the metaphysical and film, another passion of hers.
Jake Purkiss Art

Outstanding work, both in drawn, painted and written format. Continued dedication to the subject.

Usman Malik Business Studies Outstanding work in Business Studies.
Xander Orley Computer Science Consistent effort with a positive approach.
Phoebe Walsh Drama Outstanding commitment to Drama.
Jake Smith Design Technology Outstanding contribution to the Design Technology Department.
Callum Macconnachie Economics Outstanding commitment to Economics.
Niamh Butler Film Studies Absolute dedication to Film Studies. A joy to teach throughout the course.
Ruby Avarello-Wealleans French Continued effort and perseverance in French.
Bethany Griffiths German Conducting outstanding, independent research in preparation for the speaking examination in German.
Callum Macconnachie Government & Politics Outstanding commitment, enthusiasm and engagement in Government & Politics. An absolute pleasure to teach with a real passion for the subject.
Rosie Higgins Mathematics Outstanding mathematics examination results and finishing all the chapter tests ahead of time. Homework always completed to an A* level.
Fergus Malmose O’Connor Further Mathematics Further Mathematics prelim results and completion of all chapter tests ahead of schedule to A* standard.
Isabella Howson Media Studies Diligence and hard work in Media Studies. A creative flair in combination with academic excellence.
Elena Deighton Photography Dedication and hard work to the Photography course.
Danielle Rollins BTEC PE Contribution to extra-curricular clubs throughout the Sixth Form. Consistently excellent work, with great maturity and effort in all her BTEC PE studies.
Samuel Bennett Physics Dedication and application to his Physics studies, consistently achieving the highest grades. An engaging student with a good sense of humour, well liked by all.
Isaac Campbell Product Design Contribution and effort on the Product Design Course.
Qumayl Panjwani Psychology Hard work, demonstrating a flair for the subject combined with a deep understanding of the principals of psychology. Excellent progress over Year 13.
Wongani Nyrienda Sociology

A fantastic work ethic and sustained achievement throughout the two years.

Going above and beyond in her commitment to her studies.

Usman Malik Chemistry Extremely hard working, relentless work on all parts of the Chemistry course thereby exceeding his target grade.
Oliver Holmes Biology Outstanding effort and progress in Biology.

Year 13 Award Winners

Student Subject
Amy Funnell Art, Craft & Design
Alice Baulkham Geography
Aliyah Borley Drama
Amy Clarke Physics
Anabel Craig-Butler History
Ben Hazel Photography
Bethany Greatwood English
Cameron Wright Maths
Charlie Robinson Computer Studies
Elicia Troubridge Music
Faith Lawrence Photography
Flo Troubridge History
Gemma Fazackerley Child Development
Henry Lander BTEC Business
Hope Hammond Fine Art
Izzy Ansell Film Studies
Jack Phelps PE GCSE
James Carden Resistant Materials
Katie McCarthy German
Katie Myall PE BTEC
Kezzie Price Spanish
Liam Morton Business BTEC
Maddie Rock Citizenship
Maia Shaw Media
Memonah Mahmood Religious Studies
Mia Segal Business GCSE
Oliver Colgrove Graphic Design
Presence Tse Chemistry
Rhianna Baker Food Technology
Sam Bernard Economics
Scarlett Saunders French
Stephanie Okun IT
Vaishnav Krishna Biology
Millie Woodyatt Standards and Progress Leader Award
Alex McCartney For your contribution to Moulsham High School in your role as Senior Prefect
Charlie Robinson For your contribution to Moulsham High School in your role as Senior Prefect
Ed Baker For your contribution to Moulsham High School in your role as Senior Prefect
Elyas Ramjhon For your contribution to Moulsham High School in your role as Deputy Head Boy
Emily Walter For your contribution to Moulsham High School in your role as Senior Prefect
Haroon Risat For your contribution to Moulsham High School in your role as Senior Prefect
Jack Phelps For your contribution to Moulsham High School in your role as Head Prefect
Maia Barratt For your contribution to Moulsham High School in your role as Deputy Head Girl
Mia Segal For your contribution to Moulsham High School in your role as Senior Prefect
Rebecca Pegg For your contribution to Moulsham High School in your role as Senior Prefect

Sixth Form Leadership Team 2018—2019

Name Appointment
Alexander Watson Head Student (Student Welfare)
Jade Prince Head Student (Student Union)
Melissa Zulu Hospitality Ambassador
Allisha Harwood Deputy Hospitality Ambassador
Shope Fashade Head of Charities & Fundraising
Mollie Mills Media Editor
Oscar Newman Senior Photographer
Molly Foskett Student Support Co-ordinator
Ewan McCullough Student Council
Malaika Gangooly Student Council
Madeleine Archer Sports Captain/Sports Events
Ruby Plunkett Head of Crompton House
Sinead Davies Head of Knight House
Catriona Matthews Head of Marconi House
Melissa Pawley Head of Strutt House
Jessica Hayes Head of Tindal House

Year 13 Leavers

As 2018’s school year comes to a close, we reflected on the year 13’s departure from Moulsham High School, with a celebratory video of their key moments from sixth form life - this can be found at the bottom of the page.

Thank you to Katrina Matthews for making this!

Good Luck!

For all those year 11’s looking to come up to sixth form, we are looking forward to seeing you in September, and wish all those who take another pathway to education a successful journey.

Congratulations to all students upon their awards; as well as for their great dedication, and the impact they have had upon the school.