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  • JOB PROFILE: Secondary School Teacher

    JOB PROFILE: Secondary School Teacher
    21st May 2019

    You must be patient, caring and have excellent communication skills in order to relate to and teach your pupils. You should also be assertive and able to maintain discipline with large groups of young people. Read More

  • JOB PROFILE: Electrical Engineer

    JOB PROFILE: Electrical Engineer
    14th May 2019

    Electrical engineers research, design and develop a range of electrical equipment. You will be making, testing and servicing all types of electrical equipment and machinery, and as such you will be involved in projects from conception to completion. Read More

  • JOB PROFILE: Veterinary Surgeon

    JOB PROFILE: Veterinary Surgeon
    7th May 2019

    Vets treat animals that are suffering because of disease or injury. They administer vaccinations, prescribe drugs and deliver newborn animals. Read More

  • JOB PROFILE: Adult Nurse

    JOB PROFILE: Adult Nurse
    30th April 2019

    Adult nurses assess the needs of each patient in order to plan a care programme for them. You will work alongside doctors and other medical practitioners to observe how patients progress on treatment plans and modify them as necessary. Read More

  • JOB PROFILE: Museum/Art Gallery Curator

    JOB PROFILE: Museum/Art Gallery Curator
    23rd April 2019

    You will manage and maintain collections of artworks, historical objects or documents. Curators usually have specialist knowledge of a specific historical or cultural field such as women's history, textiles or archaeology. Read More