Year 7 Admissions

Application Procedure

Applications for admission in Year 7 must be made direct to the Local Authority by the closing date published in the Secondary Education in Essex booklet. For further details visit

Applications for September 2020 must be made between
12th September 2019 and 31st October 2019.

Music Aptitude

10% of our Year 7 intake is now selected by music aptitude and selection takes place through a Music Aptitude test.

Our Music Aptitude Test takes place after the September Open Evening and results are posted before the deadline day for handing in forms to Essex County Council Admissions in October. The tests will be held on a Saturday and dependent upon the number of applicants, there may be two sittings. 

Application forms will be handed out at our Open Evening.

The test is designed to be purely on aptitude and not musical ability with multiple choice questions, for example, on rhythm recognition and pitch recognition. Students will not be disadvantaged for not currently being able to play a musical instrument.

We will accept 27 students based on the Music Aptitude test. There is a pass mark for the test and students will be ranked according to their result. A waiting list will be kept if more than 27 pass the test.

Over Subscription

The intended number of admissions for September 2020 is 270. In the event of over-subscription, places will be allocated using the following criteria in the order given:

  1. Looked after children and children who were previously looked after *.
  2. Children with a sibling** attending the school, including the Sixth Form at the point of making the application.
  3. Straight line distance*** from home to school, those living closest being given highest priority.

(*LA sibling definition applies)

In the event of over subscription within any of the above criteria, priority will be determined by straight line distance from home to school, those living closest being given highest priority. Exceptional medical circumstances (supported by medical evidence) may override the above. 

Admission Appeals

If your child is not offered a place at our school, you can appeal against the decision. You need to make an appeal within 20 days of receiving the decision letter or email.

To find out more about appealing an admission decision, please visit the Local Authority website: