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The Mystical World by Chloe B, 73M

Once upon a time there lived a small girl, who had a wild imagination. She was called Chloe, and she was an only child. She was playing in the field by herself, when on the way to the forest she stumbled into a dark abyss that took her into a different dimension…

Twirling through the vortex she began to feel terrified. Eventually she landed in this mysterious world and was greeted by an alien that looked like a cross between a jaguar and a unicorn. Chloe was worried. She tried to run as far away as possible but everywhere she ran monsters blocked her way and there was no end in sight. She eventually realised that there was no point running. She looked around and heard a whisper, calling her name “Chloe…Chloe,” then she saw a strange figure slowly approached her. When the shadow got closer she began to see the shadow deforming into a human figure. Chloe saw that it was her mum.

“Mum, how are you here? Where is this place?” Chloe asked.

“Chloe, I don’t know this place. I just got here,” her Mum replied.

Chloe asked her: “How did you get here?”

“I was looking for you and fell into this portal so then I started to look for you in here,” her Mum replied.

“How can we get out of here? There’s no end and no exit. What can we do?”

“I think I know a way out but we need some of the monsters to help us,” Chloe continued.

The dimension was completely silent. Super silent. Chloe started to interrupt all of the monsters’ conversations: “We will help you out as well! Somehow.” All of the monsters cheered, shouted and also screamed: “Yay! We will be free!”

As they were climbing out of the abyss Chloe’s dad heard some peculiar noises. When he looked out of his office window he started to see some monsters in the garden. Once he rubbed his eyes and looked back into the garden he saw them walking back into the house alone. When they were inside he rushed to Chloe and her mum, screaming and running around the house.

“DID YOU SEE THE MONSTERS? THEY WERE IN THE GARDEN. DID YOU SEE THEM?" Chloe and her mum backed away from him into Chloe’s room and began to play a card game.

The next day I realised what an adventure I had been on and understood that my mum was there as well, so she saw the monsters in the weird place and has a big imagination like me – we have some similarities between us. When we finished the card game I won a game of rummy. I started to walk towards my dad’s office and asked him on an adventure and he said…