Hello and welcome to the Online Bullying Reporting App (OBRA) homepage.

We are all committed to work together to help with any problems you or someone else may have in or out of school. If you wish to contact anonymously you can as you don't have to leave your details or name.

Please take the time to look through the pages and information and if you feel that you can help to keep our school a safe, friendly and enjoyable place to be you can get in touch using the link.
All online reports are sent directly to the OBRA team who then process the report.

This is a confidential way to stop you, a friend, or someone you have seen, suffering.

Your OBRA team

Mr D Stevens Mr K Green

Mr D Stevens

Deputy Head Teacher

Safeguarding & Behaviour

Mr K Green

Whole School Anti-Bullying Lead

Standards and Progress Leader Year 11

Report an Incident

Bullying is behaviour by an individual/group repeated over time, which intentionally hurts another individual/group either physically or emotionally.

If you'd like to report something other than bullying, please speak to your Standards and Progress Leader, Pastoral Manager, or Form Tutor.

Remember: this is NOT an emergency service.

There will be a delay in dealing with any information submitted out of school hours, during the weekend or during school holidays.

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