Drama - Key Stage 5

Drama & Theatre Studies

Drama & Theatre Studies is a linear A-Level from OCR.

  • Designed as a natural progression from the GCSE Drama examination
  • Offers many opportunities for practical, creative work for a variety of audiences
  • Develops academic understanding of performance theory and theatre history, plays and playwrights and performance skills
  • Enables you to explore a range of texts and theatre practitioners
  • Asks you to reflect upon the processes involved in creating a piece of theatre
  • Encourages an appreciation of live theatre through a variety of visits
  • Requires that you conduct individual and group research

Students must be prepared to be involved, committed and fully focused in lessons, which will be both practical and academic in nature.

Typical work might include:

  • Exploring themes or characters from a chosen play
  • Experiencing at first hand the techniques of an important theatre practitioner
  • Discussing ideas for lighting, costuming or setting a play
  • Preparing for your own group performance
  • Working independently
  • Applying theoretical concepts to practical work
  • Planning and leading workshops for other students to demonstrate their learning and skills

Students keep a detailed log of their work and will write specific assignments based on the practical exploration and performance work.

The Drama and Theatre qualification will a combination of written exams and non-examined assessment, including practical work. Practical work will underpin preparation for written elements.

More details on this course can be found in our Sixth Form Course Guide.