Moulsham Community

Schools are at the heart of their local community and Moulsham High School is no exception, providing support and promoting awareness amongst its students. 

The schools specialism encourages involvement in a wide range of local groups, supporting the curriculum as a whole as well as extra-curricular enrichment.  The business community and a large number of outside voluntary organisations work with students and staff across a variety of subjects, with a strong focus on the PSHE curriculum.

Staff and students work directly with young people from the local Junior and Infant schools.  The Student Council meets with younger representatives from Moulsham Junior and Infant Schools that share the campus and we have formed our own Campus Council.  We also have well-developed links with Thriftwood Special School, involving these young people directly in our curriculum and peer mentoring, as well as Christmas festivities with our Sixth Form students.

We have formed strong links with local  groups that include local Councillors, residents, religious organisations, local ethnic groups, health organisations and many representatives from the Goat Hall Police service, and through the Neighbourhood Action Panel (NAP) and the Making Adversity Count (MAC) Groups we support the needs of all those within our local community

Galleywood Neighbourhood Watch