Reading Tip of the week

The move from primary to secondary school is an exciting time for parents and children. Your son/daughter is growing up and becoming more independent.

You may be worrying about the extra demands of secondary school and wondering what you can do to help. Many parents feel like this and it is very natural.

One of the best ways you can help your child do well at secondary school is by helping him/her to enjoy reading for pleasure – whether he/she likes magazines, newspapers, novels or comics.

Research shows time and again that children who enjoy reading for pleasure and children who say reading for pleasure is a part of family life do better at school.

Research from across the world into the reading habits of fifteen-year-olds repeatedly shows that children who are more interested in reading do better at school than those who don’t read for pleasure.

Studies also show that parents who talk to their children about books, TV programmes and films help to keep their children interested in reading.

Having books, newspapers and magazines around at home also makes a difference to how interested children are in reading.

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