Advice and Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I report my son/daughter sick?

A. You can report your son/daughter as sick either by phoning the school absence line on 01245 260101 Opt 1, or you can email

Q. My child needs to leave school during the day, what do I need to do?

A. Your child needs to bring a signed note from you on the day, stating; date & time they need to leave, where you will pick them up, when they will be back and nature of appointment. Where available a copy of the appointment card or medical letter should be provided for our records.

Q. What is a BFL?

A. A BFL is a Behaviour For Learning Merit. Outstanding work in all years is recognised by ‘BfL Merits' awarded at the discretion of individual staff. These are recorded electronically and reported home each half term.

Q. How do I find out about immunisations or jabs?

Queries relating to immunisations or flu jabs should be directed to the local NHS by calling 01376 302769 or emailing

Q. My son/daughter has lost his/her Show My Homework password, what can I do?

A. You can either email or contact your child's Pastoral Manager using

Q. Where can I get a Leave of Absence form?

A. This can be downloaded here, or collected from Student Services.

Q. How does my son/daughter access his/her work from home?

A. You can access subject resources by clicking the “Secure Portal” link located at the top of the screen. The username and password will be the same as your son/daughter uses to access the school machines. Documentation can be found under the downloads section.

Q. Where can I get another options form from? My son/daughter has misplaced his/hers.

A. Your son/daughter can request another form from the Pastoral Manager for his/her year group.

Q. Who do I contact regarding my son/daughter's datasheet?

A. You should contact the Standards & Progress Leader or the Pastoral Manager for his/her year group.

Q. What facilities are available for hire?

A. This information can be found here.

Q Where can I get a blank consent form for trips?

A. This can be downloaded here, or collected from Student Services.

Q How do I contact a teacher, or make an appointment to meet with a member of staff?

A. Please email us, and we will ensure your message is passed to the correct member of staff:

Q What after school clubs are there?

A. Details on all clubs and activities can be found here.

Q Where can I find updates on a trip my child is on?

A. If your child is currently on a trip and is expected back after school hours, please check the relevant department's Twitter profile for ETA and pickup details.

Q Who do I contact to query a detention?

A. If you have a query with a detention please direct it to the teacher who set it. If your child has a prior commitment and cannot attend the detention please notify us by email in advance, so that we can re-schedule it.

Q Who do I contact regarding lost property?

A. Please ask your students to check with Student Services and the PE department for any lost property. You can also email in a full description of the lost items to Please ensure all items are labelled to help us return them.

Q We've moved house, do I need to tell the school?

A. Yes. Please complete a "Change of Details" form, and return it to Student Services.

If you have any further questions or would like to leave feedback please email