House Points and Competitions

The students at Moulsham High School are divided into 5 houses:

  • Crompton - named after R.E.B. Crompton, founder of the Crompton Parkinson Works
  • Knight - named after Anne Knight, a social reformer, abolitionist, and a pioneer of feminism
  • Strutt - named after Joseph Strutt, a noted engraver, artist, antiquary and writer
  • Marconi - named after Guglielmo Marconi, founder of The Marconi Company
  • Tindal - named after Nicholas Conyngham Tindal, a celebrated English lawyer

House Points

Students are expected to wear their house badges as part of their uniform, and are encouraged to take part in activities and competitions to win points for their house. At the end of each year, the House Cup is awarded to the house which gains the most points throughout the year.

Students can also gain house points by their academic achievements and behaviour:

  • Effort points
  • Attendance at extra-curricular clubs
  • Progress in end of term reports
  • Behaviour for Learning points
  • Sports Day

Upcoming Events

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Current Standings

  • Crompton 588
  • Knight 974
  • Strutt 1374
  • Marconi 738
  • Tindal 697