MFL - Key Stage 4

To study French, German or Spanish at GCSE you must have been taught the respective language at KS3.

Why Study a Language?

  • 75% of the world’s population do not speak English
  • 70% of British companies conduct some business in other countries
  • 60%+ of British trade is with non-English speaking countries
  • Companies need people with language skills - 45% of international businesses experience language and cultural issues as barriers to international business
  • Business is done in French in the following countries: France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec, Cameroun, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Madagascar and Ivory Coast
  • German is the native language of well over 120 million people in the world and is the official language of not just Germany, but also Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein
  • Speaking a foreign language allows you to discover other cultures and to meet different people

What will I be studying?

  • A range of topics and related grammar that will enable you to speak and understand the foreign language at a level acceptable to natives and future employers
  • The cultural background of countries where French, German or Spanish are spoken


In Year 10 students have the opportunity to become ‘Moulsham Ambassadors’ via the Language Leaders Award scheme at the Junior School.  Over the course of the year, they spend one lunchtime a week planning activities to help teach primary pupils the basics of French.  At the end they are awarded a certificate showing leadership, organization and team-spirit.

Gifted and Talented linguists in year 10 are given the opportunity to attend a ‘Languages Matter’ taster session at Cambridge University’s Magdalene College, in which they learn snippets of Russian, Arabic and Mandarin, in addition to the language they currently study at GCSE.