Key Stage

Key Stage 4

The AQA GCSE Media Studies course is designed to empower students to be able to deal with the ever-growing influence of the media in a structured and critical way.  At the heart of the qualification is the in-depth study and analysis of the key media concepts: Audience, Institution, Representation and Media Language.  Using these as the framework for study, students are encouraged to take a 'hands-on' approach to facilitate their own learning of how various media function and, importantly, how to identify how the media can attempt to influence and manipulate on a daily basis.

Key Stage 5

The AQA A Level in Media Studies is an exciting and challenging course which balances academic and practical discipline in understanding, interpreting and creating media products. The course focuses on deconstruction and analysis of media texts across the three platforms: moving image, print and e-media, by building upon application of the key concepts established at GCSE: media forms (including media language, narrative and genre), audience, representation and institution.

AS students study and apply the key concepts in a written exam, including deconstruction of an unseen media text, and questions based on a cross media case study of their choice. Also, AS students respond to a choice of briefs to create their own media products, such as film trailers and magazine articles. At A2 the course becomes more challenging as students consider the media in wider social, historical, political and economic contexts. The written exam includes questions based on their own in-depth case studies in representation and the impact of new media, while the practical side of the course requires them to make a product of their own choice to a professional standard. For examples of some of our AS and A2 work please go to our YouTube channel