Jack Petchey Foundation

Jack Petchey LogoJack Petchey is one of the UK's most successful businessmen. Born in East London in July 1925, he came from a working class background with very few advantages. From an early age he showed the entrepreneurial skills that have aided his success.

In 1999 he set up the Jack Petchey Foundation as he wanted to give opportunities to young people in London. Since then he has donated over £118million to schools, clubs and projects that benefit young people in London and Essex.

At Moulsham High School, we run the Gold Achievement Award, which entitles us to 9 winners a year, each receiving £250. The winner has the opportunity to spend his/her award anywhere he/she chooses within the school. Monthly nominations can be made by any student or member of staff. The nominations are considered by a student committee, composed of a representative from each year group. The winner is presented with a framed certificate and a Jack Petchey badge, and his/her achievement is celebrated in assembly or Form. Once a year the winners and their families are invited to a celebration evening at the Civic Theatre, Chelmsford, where all the winners from the district receive a Jack Petchey Medallion.

Nominations are chosen from the following categories and allow the school community to recognise effort, endeavour and achievement.

  • Academic Achievement

  • School Community Involvement

  • Outside Community Involvement

  • Outstanding Achievement in in Extra-Curricular Activity.

Visit www.jackpetcheyfoundation.org.uk for more information.

Award Winners

Date Name Year Categories
January 2017 Bruno R Year 11 For academic achievement in English
February 2017 Rosie H Year 13 For dedication to the school community, especially charities and art
March 2017 Zoaib R Year 9 For academic achievement in science
April 2017 Martha N Year 12 For her outstanding contribution to the school community
May 2017 Flora B Year 9 For her patience when helping at Homework club
June 2017 Jodie W Year 9 For outstanding art work and inspiring others to succeed
September 2017 Keri-Ann S Year 12 For determination and excellent work ethic
October 2017 Alex W Year 12 For his contribution to school rugby
November 2017 Elyas R Year 11 For being appointed assistant head boy and for his success in Air Cadets
January 2018 Aaron B Year 11 For his work with the Little Edi Foundation
February 2018 Rhianna B Year 11 For her outstanding work in Food Technology
March 2018 Ashley R Year 11 For his work with the Respect project and speaking about this at the Rotary Club
April 2018 Jack P Year 11 For his commitment to his education and the welfare of other students
May 2018 Evie S Year 12 For her commitment to the Food Tech department
June 2018 Subin S Year 13 For his contribution to the Science Outreach Programme

2017 Award Evening

"Long before the awards evening we were told that we had won the Jack Petchey Award and were presented with a certificate a badge and some papers detailing what the award is; why it is important and who Jack Petchey is. We also had been given £250 to be used in school on a department of our choice. Personally after having a vote in form I spent mine in Science on equipment to improve practical lessons.

The awards evening was held at the Civic Theatre. As I entered with my family, there was already a few people seated so they had started up the music- it was by no means traditional music but quite upbeat pop music, which I found quite annoying, however I don’t believe that was the general opinion of those who attended – in fact I believe they quite enjoyed it. The host was very amusing and continually made fun of himself, to which I admit to laughing. He honoured each and every student equally and had no bias towards and certain school or club.  We all walked on to the stage where a VIP from the local police presented us with our medallions.

What I found most entertaining and most inspiring was the performances of students from local schools. NJack Petchey 2017ot only were they absolutely stunning but they demonstrated what students were capable of which, in essence, is the whole point of the Jack Petchey award.

Now my medallion is proudly presented in the display cabinet, where it sometimes catches the light and reflects it onto the certificates, trinkets, bone china and awards around it."

Zoaib R, Year 10