E D of EStudents do not need to have completed the Bronze award to achieve the Silver Award and can begin the service, skill and physical sections from September.  Details and examples of the sort of things that students complete may be obtained from the Duke of Edinburgh Award website and following the links to the Award Participants area and perusing the Award Sections of the website.

The Silver Award will be assessed over four sections, Service, Skill, Physical Recreation.  The practice Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award expedition will take place in Suffolk from Friday, 14th to Sunday, 16th of October 2011 and the assessed, three-night Expedition to the Peak National Park in Derbyshire from Tuesday, 10th to Friday, 13th July 2012.  The students will walk through monitored checkpoints and complete some in-field assessment, such as reacting to a first-aid scenario, camp craft assessment, navigation etc. 

Students find the Silver expedition very rewarding and, although under supervision, they have a degree of independence that allows independent and group decision-making and teamwork to flourish. 

The total cost of the starter pack, practice expedition and expedition is not expected to exceed £170 in total.  £12 of this total is payable on application for the enrolment and application pack.  We ask that students who are interested complete and return the application form to the Students Services reception.                              

The Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award is viewed highly as a very positive addition to any CV/application to join industry or further education. One of the reasons why so many people complete their Duke of Edinburgh Awards is because it is recognised and well-regarded by tutors and employers.