MFL - Introduction

Our Aspirations

  1. For all pupils to be able to understand and in turn give information on topics which are relevant to their everyday lives, to learn more about the culture and customs of the countries in which the languages we teach are spoken, to develop a sense of their role in an ever wider international community and increasingly global world and, most importantly, to have fun all the while.
  2. For more advanced students to thoroughly enjoy language learning, to understand the finer nuances of syntax, to dapple in the manipulation of more complex grammatical constructions, to be able to communicate confidently, cogently and capably.
  3. For staff to be able to pass on both their passion for and expertise in listening, reading, writing and babbling in foreign tongues.

English is Not Enough

  • 94% of the world do not speak English as their first language
  • 75% of the world do not speak English at all


  • Email links with French, German, and Spanish schools exist for all pupils, should they be keen to foster them.
  • A number of our linguists help with younger classes during enrichment sessions. In this capacity they support less able pupils by hearing them read, helping them write, and offering ideas when trying to speak in the target language.

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