"The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple."

Stanley Gudder, John Evans Professor of Mathematics

"Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas."

Albert Einstein

We all use mathematics every day, even if we don't think of it that way.  For example, we check our change at the shops, work out how expensive a new carpet will be and decide when we need to leave the house to get to the airport.  At the other end of the spectrum, brilliant scientists are using maths to build the Internet and help us to understand the laws of the universe.

A-Level Mathematics

According to the Careers Advisory Service and the Russell Group of Universities (Oxford, Cambridge, Cardiff, Warwick, etc.), an A-Level in Mathematics provides more opportunities for the most popular degrees than any other subject, including degrees for careers in:

  • Accountancy, Actuary, Aerospace, Architecture, Air Traffic Control, Business, Banking, Cartography, Chemicals, Computing, Dentistry, Economics, Education, Electronic/Electrical Engineering, Environment, Finance, Government, Health Care, Insurance, IT, Manufacturing, Music and Video, Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, Optometry, Psychology, Research, Retail Management, Science, Surveying, Telecoms, Utilities, and Veterinary Science.

Further Mathematics

Moulsham offers Further Mathematics as a full GCE A-Level.

Further Maths provides an excellent preparation for students going on to study degree courses rich in Mathematics, for example Computer Science, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, etc.  It is also attractive in conjunction with other subjects for a wider range of courses than any other subject.

The Russell Group of leading Universities says that Mathematics and Further Mathematics are listed as essential or useful by more university courses than most other subjects.  They list Further Maths as essential or useful for:

  • Actuarial Science, Architecture, Aeronautical Engineering, Biochemistry, Biomedical Sciences, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Computing, Dentistry, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Medicine, Optometry, Physics, and Veterinary Science.

Many Universities (e.g. Imperial, Sheffield) require lower grades from students who include Further Maths as one of their A-levels.  Universities offering Computing degrees often require Mathematics over and above Computing or ICT A-levels; they find it easier to help students learn about computing than helping them to catch up in Mathematics.  Those students that have Further Mathematics will have a great advantage over those that don't.

The Future

A-level Mathematics is a much sought after qualification for entry to a wide variety of full-time courses in Higher Education.  There are many areas of employment that see Mathematics A-level as an important qualification and it is often a requirement.  Higher Education courses or careers that either require A-level Mathematics or are strongly related include Economics, Teaching, Medicine, Psychology, Architecture, Engineering, Computing and Accountancy.  Students who continue to study Mathematics after A-level could follow a course in Mathematics at degree level or even continue further as a postgraduate and become involved in research projects.