Key Stage Information


We strive to ensure that the curriculum experienced by students at Key Stage 3 cements the transition from primary school, affords students opportunities to study texts which foster a love of our language, and develops in students the highest levels of technical accuracy necessary for further study at GCSE and beyond.  A wide range of extra-curricular activities ‘punctuate’ the English department’s academic calendar, complimenting greatly the work of the classroom: visiting authors and poets, a plethora of competitions, a daily programme of clubs and numerous excursions make it a busy department, but also an extremely positive one.


At GCSE our students follow the AQA syllabus.  By any statistical measure, our students' performance remains significantly above national average, testimony to the depth and breadth of pedagogical knowledge of our staff, not to mention their commitment to ensuring that every child realises his/her academic potential.  The curriculum offered to students at Key Stage 4 continues to benefit greatly from the Humanities specialism - curricular innovation and an insistence on the highest academic standards, coupled with high levels of achievement, abound.


At AS/A2 in English Literature students follow the AQA Specification A syllabus.  At AS/A2 in English Language students follow the AQA Specification B syllabus.  The take-up for both of these courses remains exceptionally high with significant numbers opting to continue their study of English at Universities throughout the United Kingdom.  We derive a great sense of pride  from the mature critical analysis and confident ‘emotionally literate’ exploration of challenging literary texts that our students demonstrate a proficiency in at this Key Stage.  Our students responses to the great literary works are frequently perceptive, judicious and insightful ensuring that AS/A2 lessons are always a source of great enjoyment for all involved.