Adverse Weather / Alternative Day Protocol

Adverse Weather/Alternative Day Protocol

Parents & Staff will receive a text message if the school will be following an alternative day and an announcement will be posted on the school’s website – NB: no text = normal day


  • Staff attend school as normal, and, where this is not possible, must arrive before 9.30am, weather permitting. 
  • School to start at 10.00am and follow a revised school day, as detailed:


School Day


Registration areas

10:00 am



Years 7 & 8


10:05 am

Period 2


Year 9 Girls

Upper Humanities

11:05 am

Period 3


Year 9 Boys

Lower Humanities

12:05 pm

Break, including lunch for those entitled to free school meals


Year 10

Library &

Chaucer Building

12:25 pm

Period 4, including registration


Year 11


1:30 pm

Period 5


Sixth Form

Upper Study Hall and Upper Refectory

2:30 pm

School finishes




  • Students to leave for school having consumed a substantive breakfast.
  • Avoiding a lunch period ensures that less water, ice, snow etc. is brought into the buildings, thus ensuring health & safety is kept as high as possible.
  • The early finish allows for students to travel home slowly and safely, and in full light; this also provides an opportunity for the Site Team to make the school ready for the next day (potentially, before things ice/frost over etc.)
  • Where appropriate, staff will be allowed to leave at 2.30pm to ensure they travel home safely in daylight.
  • If school is open in snowy conditions students will allowed to snowball, but only on the school fields and only using loose snow.  Any student snowballing elsewhere, or snowballing staff anywhere, will be dealt with severely.


Students who require a supervised area from 8.30am onwards until the start of the school day at 10.00am
should report to the Main Reception in the first instance