Enrichment in MFL

A number of our linguists help with younger classes during enrichment sessions. In this capacity they support less able pupils by hearing them read, helping them write, and offering ideas when trying to speak in the target language.

Year 13 students are also encouraged to offer GCSE support in preparation for speaking controlled assessments once a week on Wednesday afternoons.

In Year 10 students have the opportunity to become ‘Moulsham Ambassadors’ via the Language Leaders Award scheme at the Junior School.  Over the course of the year, they spend one lunchtime a week planning activities to help teach primary pupils the basics of French.  At the end they are awarded a certificate showing leadership, organization and team-spirit.

Gifted and Talented linguists in year 10 are given the opportunity to attend a ‘Languages Matter’ taster session at Cambridge University’s Magdalene College, in which they learn snippets of Russian, Arabic and Mandarin, in addition to the language they currently study at GCSE.

E-mail links with French, German and Spanish schools exist for all pupils, should they be keen to foster them.

In year 7 pupils participate in a ‘Rocket Science’ initiative, in which they learn about the work of the European Space Agency and conduct experiments with Alka Seltzer and water - all in the target language!  The culmination of these sessions results in the launching of self-made rockets, most of which succeed in hitting the ceilings of the science labs.