Food Technology Web Quest

Food Technology Department Year 7 Web Quest

The Task

Your task is to design and make a leaflet which could be used by a supermarket to promote fruits and vegetables.

You will have 3 homework sessions to carry out the research, design the leaflet and make the leaflet. You will be able to find the help you need to do this on this web quest.

The leaflet should be colourful, easy to read, easy to understand and informative for an example click here.

The leaflet must include the following information:

 What the fruit/vegetable looks like (drawing or picture)

 Where it is grown (country or area)

 When it is available (seasonal)

 What are the main nutrients (eatwell plate)

 How much does it cost (price each or per kg)

 How is it prepared (cooked, raw, chopped, sliced)

 What can it be used for (a recipe)

Go to the Process section to find out how to do this.