Pupil Premium

Statutory Information for Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is additional funding provided by the Department for Education to enhance the education of most socio-economically deprived (namely those students entitled to Free School Meals and Looked After Children).

In 2011/12 the allocated funding was spent on ensuring continued progress and academic achievement for entitled students, creating opportunities for additional support and use of facilities. The school provided extra 1:1 tuition sessions, targeted intervention and acquired new materials and resources to support academic enhancement activities.

During 2012/13 the school continued with the same priorities as for the previous year’s funding, as well as providing programmes relating to behaviour and pastoral support through the school’s restructured Student Support team. We promoted a numeracy and literacy initiative across the board with increased support in these areas. In addition, programmes were organised particularly targeting disadvantaged students. The school has provided for a bespoke role on the Executive team with a focus on progress for students identified within the grant.

The Senior Leadership Team have all been given school improvement budgets where the school has identified vulnerable students and the progress of these students as a primary focus/target.

The impact in educational attainment arising from expenditure of the previous financial year’s Pupil Premium is evident, with improvements in reading, writing and attendance favourable with national benchmarking. To achieve these outcomes the school has in place rigorous monitoring and support systems.

For a full evaluation of how the funding is spent, including for 2014-15 and the impact of our actions please see the attached document - Pupil Premium 2014-15