Jack Petchey

LogoJack Petchey is one of the UK's most successful businessmen.  Born in East London in July 1925, he came from a working class background with very few advantages.  From an early age he showed the entrepreneurial skills that have aided his success.

In 1999 he set up the Jack Petchey Foundation as he wanted to give opportunities to young people in London.  Since then he has donated over £65million to schools, clubs and projects that benefit young people in London and Essex.

We run the Gold Achievement Award at Moulsham, which entitles us to 9 winners a year, each receiving £200.  The winner has the opportunity to spend his/her award anywhere he/she chooses within the school.  Monthly nominations can be made by any student or member of staff.  The nominations are considered by a student committee, composed of a representative from each year group.  The winner is presented with a framed certificate and a Jack Petchey badge, and his/her achievement is celebrated in assembly or Form.  Once a year the winners and their families are invited to a celebration evening at the Civic Theatre, Chelmsford, where all the winners from the district receive a Jack Petchey Medallion.

Nominations are chosen from the following categories and allow the school community to recognise effort, endeavour and achievement.

  • Academic Achievement

  • School Community Involvement

  • Outside Community Involvement

  • Outstanding Achievement in in Extra-Curricular Activity.

Visit www.jackpetcheyfoundation.org.uk for more information.


Award Winners



January 2015

Chelsey Hulbert

Year 13

For her work in the Charities Committee.

February 2015

Maddie Rowley

Year 7

For raising money for the Little Princess Trust.

March 2015

James Baker

Year 13

For his work supporting in the English department

April 2015

Amy Seymour


For her dedication to Performing Arts in the school.

May 2015

Chelsie-Lee White

Year 11

For her excellent attitude towards Science coursework and achieving A/A*.

June 2015

Charlotte Fleming

Year 8

For her outstanding achievement in football both in and out of school.

September 2015

Daman Hands

Year 12

For cycling from Land’s End to John O’Groats and raising money for Diabetes UK

October 2015

Yilin Wang

Year 12

For his determination to succeed in his GCSE exams.

November 2015

Zubair Mahmood

Year 12

For his dedication to the DT department

January 2016

Chloe Ing

Year 9

For remaining calm when facing a very serious situation.

February 2016

James Roe

Year 11

For his dedication to his school work under difficult circumstances.

March 2016

Teah Pope

Year 13

For her success at Karate.

April 2016

Rachel Broome

Year  11

For her continued success at cross country running.

May 2016

Leonie Cullen

Year 8

For mentoring  a new student to the school.

June 2016

Millie Morgan

Year 12

For her dedication to the charity, 

Little Edi Foundation.

September 2016

Joe Parker

Year 10

Joe read at Danzig Alley during the Battlefields Trip.

October 2016

Jack Demonakis

Year 12

For volunteering at the Tile Kiln Church Youth Clubs and being a positive role model.

November 2016

Kate Etheridge

Year 12

For commitment to A level English Literature and producing GCSE revision resources.

January 2017

Bruno Russell

Year 11

For academic achievement in English.

February 2017

Rosie Hovell

Year 13

For dedication to the school community, especially charities and art.

March 2017

Zoaib Raja

Year 9

For academic achievement in science.

April 2017

Martha Naali

Year 12

For her outstanding contribution to the school community.

May 2017

Flora Bartolovics

Year 9

For her patience when helping at Homework club.

June 2017

Jodie White

Year 9

For outstanding art work and inspiring others to succeed.




Jack Petchey Award Evening   13th October  2016

Before the evening of the awards we were all told that we had won. We all received £200 to put towards a specific department of our choice. I spent mine in the Music department and bought T-shirts for Las Estrellas, the girls’ choir. We were given a certificate and a badge and told the dates of the awards evening.

Just before we entered the Civic Theatre we were greeted by a staff member and told what was going to happen. As we entered the auditorium it was fairly quiet and I expected a very formal event however as it started it became very loud and upbeat! The compere for the evening, Phillip Allinson, amused us with his terrible jokes, there were lots of songs playing which we clapped along to and entertainment was provided  by dancers from schools in the area .We applauded the participants before collecting our own award.

Chief Inspector Alan Cook presented our medallions and then the Mousham winners sat for a photograph with the mayor, Councillor Patricia Hughes. We could download these pictures online the following morning.

In the end it was extremely fun and I got to talk to a 6th former whom I have never met before and that was interesting.

I have my Jack Petchey medallion and my certificate which I can now proudly place in my bedroom.

Leonie Cullen, Year 9


The winners from 2015-1016 celebrate with the Mayor.


Jack Petchey 4