Key Stage Information

Key Stage 5


  • Cognitive Psychology - A study into memory and memory in everyday life e.g. eyewitness testimony and strategies for memory improvement.
  • Developmental Psychology - Early social development and the formation of attachment between caregiver and child. The impact of different forms of day care on children’s social development, etc.
  • Research Methods - Psychological research methods and techniques, investigation design, data analysis and presentation.
  • Biological Psychology - The bodily response to stress and stress in everyday life.
  • Social Psychology - Types of conformity. Why are people obedient ? How social influence effect out everyday life.
  • Individual differences - Defining and explaining psychological abnormality and the treatment of abnormality.



  • Relationships - The formation, maintenance and breakdown of romantic relationships. Human reproductive behaviour. Effects of early experience and culture on adult relationships.
  • Aggression – Social psychological approaches to explaining aggression.  Biological explanations of aggression.  Aggression as an adaptive response.
  • Eating behaviour - Eating behaviour, biological explanations of eating behaviour and eating disorders.
  • Psychopathology - Looking into depression. Classification, biological and psychological explanations and therapies.
  • Psychology in action – Media Psychology.  The Media influence on social behaviour.  Persuasion, attitude and change.  The Psychology of ‘celebrity’.
  • Psychological Research and Scientific Method - The application of scientific method in psychology, designing psychological investigations, data analysis and reporting on investigations.

(As options are available to the teacher, minor changes might be made to the topics studied in the A2 part of this course).