Key Stage Information

Key Stage 3

The MFL department at Moulsham offers all pupils in year 7 the opportunity to learn either French or German.  This year we will also be offering Spanish to one high ability group.  In year 8 the top third of the cohort pick up an additional language.

The main course books we use are Expo for French, Echo for German and Mila for Spanish (Pearson Education Limited), although much of our teaching is non-book based nowadays. A number of websites are available to support and enrich pupils’ language learning, for which teachers will provide pupils with login details at the start of the year:

may also use the online dictionary and thesaurus:

Parents can help their children become more proficient with language learning by quizzing them regularly on vocabulary and grammatical structures provided both in their exercise books and, if bought, in their workbooks.

Key Stage 4

In Year 10 we offer the GCSE full course in all three languages.  French and German students will have studied the language for either four or five years by the end of year 11.  Spanish is currently offered as an intensive two year course.  We follow the Edexcel syllabus and students are assessed via their examination board.  MFL examination results have a history of being highly competitive on a national scale.
Listening and Reading, the passive skills, are assessed via a terminal exam in May of year 11 and are each worth 20 % overall.

Speaking and Writing, the productive skills, are conducted via controlled assessments throughout the two year course.  Both are worth 30% overall, and students must complete a minimum of two pieces of work in the two skills.  Each written piece is to be roughly 200 words in length, and each spoken task (discussion / presentation/ open interaction) is to last for between 4 and 6 minutes.   Students are permitted 30 words of notes to help them in each task.  They also have access to a dictionary when completing the written assessments.

Key Stage 5

In year 12 we offer students who have gained a B grade or above at GCSE the opportunity to take French, German or Spanish (or any combination of the three) at Advanced Level.  Class sizes tend to be small in both AS and A2 courses, which allows for greater individual support, tailored teaching and boosts confidence for those students who might find speaking out a little daunting.  We follow the AQA specification, the syllabus, past papers, audio files, mark schemes and examiners’ reports for which are available on the website.  Staff teaching A Level classes are highly accessible, erudite, charismatic, passionate, zippy and nice to boot J.

Students of each language will be expected to have a large dictionary (A4 hardback) for reference at home.  It is also advisable to purchase the core textbook to complement the AQA specification, which is published by Nelson Thornes. The titles are, respectively, AQA German /French / Spanish and the books are produced at both AS and at A2 level.  We also invest in an interactive package called Kerboodle, which provides students with additional aural, oral and reading tasks to support their independent learning on key topics related to and covered by the syllabus.