Key Stage Information

Key Stage 3

Students at KS3 complete thematic studies on social, economic and political history, focusing on the following enquiries.

Year 7

  • What made Ancient Civilisations so successful?
  • How have the lives of ordinary people change 1066 to 2012?

Year 8

  • How has power and leadership changed 1066 to 2012?
  • Expansion and Empire

Year 9

  • Does war change lives and how is it remembered?
  • Challenges to democracy
  • What has shaped the Twentieth Century?

Key Stage 4

Students at KS4 complete a 2-year course following the Schools History Project Programme of Study with AQA.

Medicine and Health Through Time

This course offers students the opportunity to examine the big ideas of progress, change and development across time, as well as factors that allow these to come about.  The course will allow for exploration of knowledge, debate over evidence, role play to understand leading individuals, and reflection on significance.

Twentieth Century Depth Study - Germany 1919 - 1945

This course offers an in-depth study of Germany 1919 to 1945, looking at Weimar Germany, the 1920s, social and political changes, and Hitler's rise to power in 1933 and his subsequent dictatorship.

Controlled Assessment (2000 words)

A local study of Castle Hedingham.

Key Stage 5

Students who choose to study A-Level History will develop skills in extended writing, reading, source analysis, and critical thinking.  Students are encouraged to think, argue and question so that they can reach their own reasoned judgements about the past.


Historical themes in breadth

  • The road to unification: Italy 1815 - 1871
  • The collapse of the liberal state and the triumph of Fascism in Italy

British depth study

  • Henry VIII: Authority, Nation and Religion 1509 - 1540


Depth study and associated historical controversy

  • The United States 1917 - 1954: Boom, bust and recovery

Historical enquiry

  • The making of modern Russia 1856 - 1964

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