Key Stage Information

Key Stage Information

Key Stage 3

Geography at KS3 aims to inspire and engage students in the world around them, helping them develop a sense of place in the world.  Year 7 units focus upon developing the skills required to succeed in Geography at KS3 and beyond, as well as provide a flavour of the relevance of geography in our daily lives.  Schemes of work throughout KS3 are designed to be progressive and challenging to all levels of ability. 

The department's strong resource base allows lessons to be delivered using varied approaches, making full use of the ICT equipment available to us as well as audio visual resources. 

By Year 9, contemporary units such as Globalisation equip students with the skills to explore issues independently and develop analytical skills, preparing themselves for GCSE and beyond.

Key Stage 4

The Geography GCSE course follows AQA Specification.  The course is designed to give students an insight into future issues and challenges through the study of current issues of local, national and global importance.  There is a strong link in this specification to issues such as environmental sustainability, challenges of urban living and natural world hazards.  By exploring their own values and attitudes to these, and similar, issues, students can prepare themselves for the world in which they will live and help to shape our planet's future.

Key Stage 5

AQA Advanced Level Geography undertakes an exploration of human interactions with their physical environment.  The issue and impact approach is designed to engage students in debate, exploring themes of environmental impact, management, sustainability and citizenship.  Fieldwork, lectures and visits play an integral role in developing practical skills and expanding individuals' knowledge and understanding of current events.  Adopting a contemporary physical and human case studies approach engages students and questions their preconceptions of the subject.

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